future & 3k

found this gem by @jamesbaymusic, uk singer/songwriter, browsing hypemachine yesterday. more on james’ soundcloud page

discovered a stupid fresh album today by @grmnygrmny. peep the whole Reconnect album here.


seasons [waiting on you] // slow club [future island cover]

a much more mellow take on the epic original. lovely all the same.

happy cover friday world

these aussie kids are back with another infectious choon

won’t you just stay the fuck out of my way

just when you were missing an epic tune in your life. stadium rock sheeeiiiit

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80’S TUESDAY: Tenderness by General Public - There are so many songs that get lost to time.  So as I heard this tune the other day, I knew it was worthy of posting on my 80’s day.  The face of General Public, a UK new wave band, were Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger of seminal 2 Tone ska band The Beat.  But I had forgotten all of that till last week.

General Public had a string of minor hits for the two albums they recorded in the 80’s.  But it was the song Tenderness that was the big song for them, appearing in a string of John Hughes movies and the movie Clueless.  For me though, it is the happy song, something that I could use as torrential rains fall this morning.  So just put on your headphones, listen to this song, and get yourself in your personal happy place!

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Do it for Denmark!

In other news: lack of sun causes smaller testicles.

this is AMAZING

(Source: fastcocreate.com)

just the kind of support you need to get your week jumping off


Dead Meadow - What Needs Must Be

Somewhere between Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening.

what whit said + ‘perfect’

you know how you sometimes hear a song and it’s literally perfect for the mood you’re in? I just had one of those moments with this song

Happy Sunday kids.

the late great johnny cash covering nine inch nails.

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Breathe & Stop

you know what to do 

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Lakutis - Jesus Piece

While this song stands on its own, this brilliantly conceived music video doesn’t hurt. Raw style, dense lyrics that are split apart by a hypnotic and melodic chorus. The video sustains itself on contradiction.

Lakutis’ video, ‘Jesus Piece’ is filled with references and homages to hip hop videos of the past. And there’s a balance of self-awareness and confidence in this video— a sound that doesn’t boom with hubris but with an ego fueled by faith in his own sound.

All that being said, the trippy nature of the video makes it perfect for late-night viewing.

pretty much dope.io

swedish electro synth pop - yup i’m probably dead, now believe in heaven and as it turns out in heaven.