Seattle’s Beat Connection is back, and boy do they have a effervescent, delirium inducing treat for us with bubbly new single Another Go Round. They utilize some unconventional instruments on the track to achieve that sparkling sound, including a sitar and a tabla. Another Go Round is a popping, dazzling treat. Beat Connection is working on a sophomore album for next year!

sitar and a tabla in the mix

also catchy ass chorus

Rhymesayers in the house - Aesop and Rob Sonic leveling up

need more acoustic a$ap covers

pistols at dawn - can it get more epic?

anything 20syl, really

Sir Sly just killing it right now 

Sam Smith + A$AP Rocky

and yes, we’re jamming

north bay early morning in full effect


This was actually one of the very first things I happened to notice announced on my Facebook feed after I got into work this morning. So, play by play, I read Sir Sly’s status update, announcing that they’ve covered Arcade Fire’s After Life. Pan to me, and I basically dropped my jaw and said, out loud, “you did WHAT?”. No joke. That was my immediate, natural reaction. First of all, I love Arcade Fire. Second of all, I love Arcade Fire. Third of all, though I’m a Sir Sly fan, too, Arcade Fire songs are not easy to cover, particularly songs off their fourth album Reflektor. Notice there aren’t many Arcade Fire covers or remixes around. But I kept my mind open, and I hit the play button on the Los Angeles band’s Afterlife cover. Do you all remember the cover Mr. Little Jeans did a couple years ago? Yea, that one, the one of The Suburbs, that basically helped launch her indie career after everyone was floored by how successfully she’d done it. This is like that. Sir Sly took Afterlife and created a very dreamy, slinkingly slow atmosphere out of the tune, with fantastic vocals to match and haunting electronic production to pair. You’ve erased my doubts, Sir Sly. This is a great cover. You’ve created something very new out of the original.


mid 90s r&b sound mixed in with today’s electronica



Back to work

Never left

new Jeezy - remix