gorgeous simplicity - only two insturments. happy cover Friday kids

happy cover friday!

a very awesome happy cover friday all!


Happy Cover Friday

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how will i know [whitney houston] | sam smith | via derriuspierrederriuspierre

grounded, reaching … move. friday.

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my Kiesza love affair continues. happy cover Friday kids!

john mayer covering bey. happy cover friday everyone

another gorgeous cover by birdy

Hannah Reid lending her signature vocals to this Miley Cyrus original

sweet joe jackson/iggy pop cover of this Duke Ellington composed jazz standard.

happy cover Friday!

gorgeous cover. happy friday!

my favorite new singer/songwriter covering one of my favorite bands. a very happy cover friday indeed


seasons [waiting on you] // slow club [future island cover]

a much more mellow take on the epic original. lovely all the same.

happy cover friday world

the late great johnny cash covering nine inch nails.

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this week’s cover friday goes out to @paul_slezak. original by the troggs.

happy cover friday kids

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