the late great johnny cash covering nine inch nails.

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this week’s cover friday goes out to @paul_slezak. original by the troggs.

happy cover friday kids

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i remember @fitelson and me singing this a capella way back in 93-94. and we still do :-) 

happy cover friday kids

Gorgeous cover by Twin Shadow with a little help from Samantha Urbani (Friends’ lead singer) from their awesome Under The CVRS mix. This time taking on a classic by The Smiths.

Happy Cover Friday

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Another dope electronic track by the anonymous artist/collective affectionately called user601586061, Z, or ZHU around the interwebs. Not easy taking on an Outkast classic. Well played.

A very happy cover friday to you all

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Electronic cover of 112!!? I love what Twin Shadow is doing with their Under The CVRS series. 

Happy cover Friday everyone.

No matter how you slice it, this is badass

Original by Phoenix. Happy Cover Friday everyone.

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First Lady of Song. Legend.

Happy Cover Friday!

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Love her voice. Original by The Replacements. Happy Cover Friday.

Takes balls to cover Sade. Well done, lady.

Happy last Cover Friday of 2013 everyone!

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Morrissey - Satellite of Love 

Penultimate cover of the year, a Lou Reed one, natch. 

Satellite’s gone
Up to the skies
Thing like that drive me
Out of my mind

Love this. Great find Andy!

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Gnarly electronic take on the original. Happy Cover Friday!

MS MR can’t do much wrong in my book. 

Happy Cover Friday everyone.

Originally written by Cat Stevens. PP Arnold actually released her version of the song a few months before Cat Stevens released his. Nevertheless, this is a cover. 

So, Happy Cover Friday!


first cut is the deepest by pp arnold

original: cat stevens

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